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Today's post is about the difference between print magazine and online magazine.  The magazine I have chosen to explore it Shooting Times which is part of the Guns & Ammo series of magazines.

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Cover from a 2016 edition
As an avid gun owner and shooter this is a magazine I commonly enjoy. It reports on different calibers, sights, accessories for gun owners. The majority of the stories are often comparing different types of guns, rifles, and handguns both. They usually give an opinion on which caliber is better for each manufacture of a certain type of gun. For instance the current issue contains an article titled Creedmoors Compared.  This article talks about the differences between the 6.5mm vs. the 6mm Creedmoor long-range precision rifle. Most of the ads in this magazine are for different brands of firearms, optics, ammo, holsters, and tools that have to do with hunting and/or shooting. Some brands are Winchester, Kimber, Benelli, SCCY Firearms, and Bushnell. The ads for the online version are also mostly the above.

The print addition has currently written articles whereas the online version only shows articles that have been previously published in the print version. The articles online also include video clips in some spots where the print one of course does not. The print version also has many little 1/4 page or 1/2 page letters or notes about different items, updates to old articles, or new options to items they have spotlighted in past issues, this is not available online. 

The primary target audience for this publication is people who already own guns, who wish to learn more about guns, like to shoot, are experienced with different rifles, pistols, etc. A lot of the articles seem to assume that you have some previous knowledge of the item or items discussed in the article, or that you at least have handled this type of firearm.  The ads definitely fit the stories and photos in the print version. In the online version they are more generic in that they are either scrolling across the top or down the sides but don't necessarily have to do with exactly what you are reading at the time. I prefer the print version for the most part however some of the videos are helpful so after reading an article I sometimes go to the website to check and see if there is a video that accompanies the article. 

The print version is set up so that you can look at the contents in the front and easily see which page you need to go to.  
The ads in the print version are easy to look at and by glancing tell if you are interested in that item or not. Other than reading the articles there is no interaction within the print version. If you see an ad that interests you there isn't an immediate way to find out more information. The online version is harder to get around and find what you are looking for. The ads are smaller than on the printed pages so you sometimes have to take a closer look. The online version shows you videos that go along with the article, whether it be the actual break-down of a gun, the results of an ammo test, etc. you can actually see not just look at a still shot. If you see something in an ad that interests you, you can click on it and it will take you right to the place you can get more information and/or buy the product. I think that both versions have their place and both do a good job of serving their audience. I prefer to read the print first and then if I have more questions go to the online version to see what else is available. 

There are no puzzles or "games" in this magazine so I basically just read it. I interact with the online version if I want more information but again there are no puzzles. They are on both Facebook and Twitter and I do follow this particular magazine as well as a few others that come from the same publishers. Twitter Feed This magazine has over 2000 followers on twitter and tweets about guns, shooting, types of ammo, and lots of outdoors things. I don't follow them on Facebook but I will now.  I just looked their Facebook page up and they have a much larger presence on Facebook than on Twitter. Over 700,000 followers and over 714,000 likes. Facebook

If you are interested in reading more from Shooting Times here is a link to their website: Enjoy! I know I do.


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