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Don't Get Mad... Get E*Trade

In this ad campaign we follow a young man who daydreams about bigger and better things in his life. It shows him learning to use E*Trade rather than getting mad for everything from a kid kicking his seat in regular class on an airplane to a painting of an upper class man riding a bear.  They use very little to no dialog in these commercials and the main character is an unknown. As far as I can tell this campaign has only been going since June of this year. I first saw it on TV during a cooking show and did some investigation to find out that it is a whole series of commercials.  I was able to find them on E*Trade YouTube Channel.

In the commercials that I watched they use "plain-folks" who want to be more affluent and live a wealthy life and this can be done by using E*Trade. This series of commercials tell a story of a hard working young man who wants more out of life and is brushed aside by the rich and affluent so he finds a way to "join" them. If you are into stocks I could see this series being of interest to you and making you want to check out what E*Trade has to offer the common person.

A lot of commercials have shown the difference in life styles between the common person and the rich. This series however gives you a way to go from the common person to the rich.  I think that young men are the target audience because the things that are shown to be "important" are things like fast cars, pretty women, first class travel, and the main character is a young man. It points out lots of stereotypes, from the rich boss who doesn't have time for his employee, to the people flying first class with no cares, to the young man who is not well to do and wants everything that he doesn't have.

This series has strength in that as a "common" person we can all relate to wanting more than what we have. It shows what could be if we just had the financial ability to have it. It''s slogan of "Don't Get Mad, Get E*Trade" tells us there is a way to gain the financial ability to have what the elite in the commercials have.  According to the ads there is a way that we can all have those things we just need to learn how to use E*Trade then we too can be of the elite.  According to we should stop hating the one percent and join their ranks. I think these ads connect well with young men in their 20's and 30's who want to be wealthy as "easily" as possible. I don't know that they are that memorable however. The slogan "Don't get mad, Get E*trade" is memorable but the characters are just your everyday people and don't really stick with you.

According to ( in April of 2017 "E-Trade has appointed MullenLowe as its new creative and strategic AOR, following a competitive review." It appears that this series is the first campaign from them for E*Trade. While looking at E*Trades twitter page, other than the heading, I couldn't find any recent tweets about "Don't Get Mad, Get E*Trade" so I'm not sure that they are taking full advantage of making sure this slogan sticks.

I am not real big on the rich and famous lifestyle so to speak so this ad really didn't make me want to run out and learn how to use E*Trade. I suppose if someone mentioned wanting to learn about the stock market I would probably say they should check out E*Trade.

While doing research for this post I learned that there are many slogans out there for different products that I had never even heard of, ones that didn't stick so to speak. I had never really thought to much about slogans but they do bring products to mind, instantly when you hear the slogan. I was surprised that when a company picks a slogan they don't always paste it everywhere and I would think that that is what would make it stick.  Sometimes an image is better than a slogan.                          
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