Week 6: Topic 2

  • What do think when President Trump labels particular news stories (e.g. Russia election meddling) or news companies (e.g. CNN, New York Times) “fake news”? Do you agree with the president? Why or why not? Give some examples to support your point of view.
As I stated in my last post I don't pay a whole lot of attention to news in the "outside" world. That being said I have seen some of this and do agree with the President. Part of the reason I don't pay a whole lot of attention to news from outside my community is because I don't really trust it. I can't "touch" it and know for a fact that it is real. There have been too many times when things have been reported and then had to be retracted or swept under the rug that I find it very hard to believe everything I read, hear, or see on TV or from bigger news reporters. However after watching the video How Free is Our Freedom of Press? I find myself questioning why President Trump is continuing to make such a big deal out of this stuff. I find myself wondering how much truth is being reported that the government is trying to cover up. I find myself not believing much of anything unless I see it with my own eyes. 

  • Many journalists believe the president is doing the American public a disservice and harming democracy and the First Amendment with his attacks on journalism and the free press. What do you think?
I think that there are things that shouldn't be reported on period and that there is a point where free press can do more harm than good. However, I also think that we aren't the ones who should be making those calls and I really can't say that I know who should be making those decisions. I feel that as the elected President he has a right to make certain things "classified" and not for public knowledge but then again is it really his place to decide what we should and shouldn't be told. I really don't know. I guess there has to be someone in "charge" and we as a nation elected him to be that person so just like the reporters he should also have the freedom to say what he wants. 


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