Week 7: Topic 2 (I didn't realize this wasn't due till week 7)

What do you think of actions by WikiLeaks? Good? Bad? Useful? Irresponsible?

I think alot of what is put on WikiLeaks is irresponsible. I think that there are certain government secrets for a reason and what they are doing is putting people, countries, in jeopardy.

EXPLAIN why you feel that way.

I feel this way because of the harm that this sight does for our military. It releases things that could put our military in jeopardy. It isn't fair for them to play God and release information that puts people at risk. They aren't the "chosen" police. I guess on the same side however is that the people who buy into it are also at fault for continuing to spread it around. I guess I'm old school in that if something is "classified" it is classified for a good reason. It isn't for the public to view. 

Give an EXAMPLE to support your point of view.

If this article is true then it did put this individual at risk. This is just a small part of the blow-back that could come from something posted on WikiLeaks. This is just one person, think of the groups of people that they have put at risk with some of their other releases. 

How do you feel about the current state of free speech, access to information/internet or freedom of expression/creativity? Be specific about your stance (e.g. I'm fine because ... or note why you are concerned by government transparency or restrictive copyright rules ... or proposed new FCC rules on net neutrality ...)

I find myself believing very little of what I read or watch. I think that it is too hard to discover the truth in most high profile things. There are always at least two sides to every story and unless you see it yourself then you have no way of knowing for sure which side is correct. I am very skeptical of all things that I hear or read when it comes to news. 

Give an EXAMPLE to illustrate your point.

All you have to do is look at the recent election and the stuff that flew around about both Hillary and Trump. Not to bring politics into this but what was true and what was false about either of them during the elections or even now for that matter. The only truth I'm pretty sure of is that Hillary lost and that Trump is my president and I hope that he succeeds in bringing our country back to what it was before. 


  1. WikiLeaks is an interesting idea and it is difficult to say one way or another if it is a good idea or a bad one. There is some information out government holds classified that should probably remain classified, but at the same time they are our government and we should know what is going on. In regards to the recent election I believe that we should hear not only about the policies someone would like to implement as president, but also about who they are as a person. I do not want a president who is cruel and degrading and WikiLeaks is the type of website that would make sure people know about those running in the election and what they have been involved in in the past. It is a good idea to look back at what policies someone was involved in making in the past and see if they are something you supported or not. It is one thing to hear about what someone says they will do and another to look at what they have actually done.


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