Week 3: Topic 2

Since I had chosen Jolly Ranchers in my last post I thought I would look at one of their commercials and see what I thought. I choose the ad that would appeal to all college students, finals.  While this is a funny commercial and I think that it is targeted to high school and college age students I still can't get behind their hash tag of #KeepOnSucking however, that is a personal view and I think that some people would think it was cute. I also think that it fits well for the average 13-25 year old and since I am a college student at 40+ I can't say that it doesn't do well for that age range. This being said I would think of this ad as using irritation advertising to get the hash tag stuck in my head. They say it at the end of every one of their commercials that I watched. 

The second ad I chose is one of my all time favorites, I'm sure you will recognize it.

This commercial originally aired in 1979, for it's time it was definitely a famous-person testimonial. It was targeted to sports fans, mainly football. It shows the iconic Mean Joe Green after a game going to the locker room. Basically the message is that even in your worst of times having a Coke will give you a smile and make things seem better. I think that at the time this ad did an amazing job for Coke and that it is now one of the classic commercials of all time.  Mean Joe was a huge sports icon at that time and there weren't near the commercials around that had "stars" in them back then.  I don't know that it would do as well in today's market because there really isn't just a few sports stars out there there are many and it would be hard to hit as many people today as they were able to with this commercial, everyone knew who Mean Joe Green was in the late 70's and early 80's. 


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