Week 2: Topic 2

The chapters we read this week were about social media and gaming. We live in a world where these things are a huge part of our lives. This isn't necessarily a good thing. In the following video link Sherry Turkle does a Ted Talk that is very enlightening.

  • Sherry Turkle talks about us becoming more "connected" than ever before, and yet we may be setting ourselves up to become more isolated. Share your thoughts on Turkle's talk, including a few EXAMPLES. Have you, your family and others "reclaimed" areas of home, work or play for conversations -- or declared those spaces device-free zones? Have you taken steps to ensure that you are really listening to others?

When this video started I thought “oh here we go again, someone telling us how bad technology is.” Then as it progress I found myself agreeing with her more and more. We have become a society of disconnected humans.  I find myself wanted to text rather than talk to someone all the time.  I know that my son would much rather text than talk. I hadn’t ever really thought about this as a problem, however I have often found myself commenting with my mother about how little my son talks.  I had never really thought about it being because he doesn’t really know how to “unplug”, how to enjoy solitude, how to communicate without the devices he has grown up with. When we have family get togethers there isn’t a phone out at all times but they are present, we are usually “talking” to someone who isn’t with us in person, but it still takes away from the group as a whole. I think next time we have a get together I will start by putting my phone away for the time everyone is here. I will suggest that we have a device-free time and really try to interact with my family.

  • When it comes to digital gaming ... How many games have you downloaded to your smartphone or computer? What games do you most enjoy playing (e.g. Fantasy baseball? Words with Friends? Candy Crush? League of Legends?) and WHY?

I have over 50 games downloaded to my smartphone. They are mostly mindless type games, Candy Crush, hidden picture games, word games, and GardenScapes.  I usually play Candy Crush and GardenScapes the most.  I like to play games like these because I don’t have to think about what I am doing very hard, I feel like they are almost a brain break for me.

  • How many hours a week do you think you spend on digital gaming and social networking? Do you feel like you are part of an online community? Discuss that "community" aspect of gaming. Or maybe you're too busy with other commitments/interests in your life ... and don't see the point of wasting so much time online or on the phone ... Say more about that ...

I spend less time digital gaming and on social networking than I used to.  I still spend too much time on it.  I would say probably 20 hours a week, maybe more. I use Facebook to catch up with friends and family, look at pictures, and shop. I definitely feel like a part of my online community. This is how I stay in contact with people and keep up to date on what is going on in their lives.

I use games to “check-out” of my normal day to day life.  I should spend more time crafting or cleaning but when I can’t get motivated to do anything else I can always seem to get motivated to check Facebook and or play on a game or two. I often get involved in a game that has to be checked on each day, etc. One of those where if you don’t check in you will not get the bigger prize for the day.


  1. Your honesty in this post is wonderful. Not many people like to admit when they feel as though it's easier to pick up a phone and look at it's screen rather than clean or do other activities for fun that don't involve technology. I myself am included in this. When I'm sitting on the couch with free time I'll turn on the TV to catch up on my shows on Netflix or scroll through my Instagram feed, even when I have cleaning I could do or I can go for a hike when it's nice out, staying on the couch just sounds more appealing.
    Your idea of family get togethers being a cell phone free zone is a good one! Especially if these gatherings aren't very often for families then they should definitely be taken advantage of and people should talk to one another rather than just being in the same room together looking at their own screens.


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