Week 8: Topic 2

What THREE magazines, either in print or online, have you read over the years? Write about your interest in these publications, and what they say about you and your interests? What, in particular, do you like or look for in these magazines? Cite some examples. The magazine I think about most when I think about magazines that I have read on a regular basis has to be Readers Digest. However, I haven't picked one up in years.  Growing up I would read them cover to cover when we were visiting my grandparents house.  They always had stories in them that caught my attention, it's funny to think about now that I don't read them anymore...  Might be time to pick up a copy.  Most of the magazines I read now are either gun magazines or wire wrapping magazines. Occasionally I will read a Woman's Day because something on the cover will catch my attention in the check out line at the grocery store. Usually it is something that has to do with weight loss or some new herb that gives yo…

Week 8: Topic 1

Banned Books!
This is a subject close to my heart, mainly because I am a grade school librarian, media assistant. Banned books are something that is often brought to my attention. I have been trained that no book should be banned and that everyone should have an opportunity to read a book, that it isn't my place to remove a book from the shelf. That being said I work in an elementary school and we do do a certain amount of selecting for grade appropriateness.  However I also have a section in my library where questionable books go and students must have written permission to check out books from that section. My main concern is that if a book draws questions the parents realize their student may be reading it and they might want to discuss that book with their student. 
Do you see any books on the ALA list that you've read or know about? List some of them and what you thought of the book.
There are many book…

Week 6: Topic 2

What do think when President Trump labels particular news stories (e.g. Russia election meddling) or news companies (e.g. CNN, New York Times) “fake news”? Do you agree with the president? Why or why not? Give some examples to support your point of view. As I stated in my last post I don't pay a whole lot of attention to news in the "outside" world. That being said I have seen some of this and do agree with the President. Part of the reason I don't pay a whole lot of attention to news from outside my community is because I don't really trust it. I can't "touch" it and know for a fact that it is real. There have been too many times when things have been reported and then had to be retracted or swept under the rug that I find it very hard to believe everything I read, hear, or see on TV or from bigger news reporters. However after watching the video How Free is Our Freedom of Press? I find myself questioning why President Trump is continuing to make s…

Week 6: Topic 1

Where do you get your local news? Newspapers? Friends? Facebook? Word of mouth? Explain, citing your sources of news. How important is local news to your daily life? How do you know the news you are using is accurate and credible? Most of my local news now comes from Facebook. During the school year I do read our local newspaper each week but usually anything that is "exciting" has already made it's way onto Facebook and by the time the weekly paper is printed I just read it for facts. Because I live in a small town and actually know the people who report and own our local newspaper I rely on it to give me the facts. Facebook usually has parts of the story but doesn't always have all the facts so if it is something that I want to check I go to the New Era and read the facts there a few days later.  I live in a smaller town so the local news is important to me as I know a lot of the people who make up our community and we are a pretty tight knit community who watches …

Week 7: Topic 2 (I didn't realize this wasn't due till week 7)

What do you think of actions by WikiLeaks? Good? Bad? Useful? Irresponsible?
I think alot of what is put on WikiLeaks is irresponsible. I think that there are certain government secrets for a reason and what they are doing is putting people, countries, in jeopardy.
EXPLAIN why you feel that way.
I feel this way because of the harm that this sight does for our military. It releases things that could put our military in jeopardy. It isn't fair for them to play God and release information that puts people at risk. They aren't the "chosen" police. I guess on the same side however is that the people who buy into it are also at fault for continuing to spread it around. I guess I'm old school in that if something is "classified" it is classified for a good reason. It isn't for the public to view. 
Give an EXAMPLE to support your point of view.…

Week 5: Topic 1

After seeing the documentary "RiP! A Remix Manifesto," what did you find most interesting/surprising/alarming in the video as it relates to the First Amendment or freedom of expression? Please cite an EXAMPLE or two from the documentary, AND relate it to your own experience.
Wow! Where to even begin? As a librarian everything about this video had me cringing. There are so many violations that you can't even count them, but the more I watched the more I thought, wait a minute this guy is really proving a point that needs to be heard. In our day and age it is much easier to access the original pieces of "art" and "remix" or update them into new. Is there a way to stop this? I don't think there is at this point and I really think that it is helping the original to stay up and in the eye of the public by allowing this to continue. I guess I had never really thought about "remixing" as an art but in reality it kinda is. We have all done things…

Media Blog Project Post 2

Today's post is about the difference between print magazine and online magazine.  The magazine I have chosen to explore it Shooting Times which is part of the Guns & Ammo series of magazines.