Week 9: Topic 2

TOPIC 2: CAMPUS RADIO -- A group of students is checking out the possibility of launching a radio station based at LBCC.  
  1. What do you think of this idea? Does it seem feasible to you? WHY OR WHY NOT?
I think that it could be a good idea but not sure that it would be something that would or could sustain itself in today's internet world. I think it could be used to bring the campus's together and could be a good source of information for the students. 

2. What TWO programs/formats/services would you recommend the station adopt in order to build a loyal niche audience. Be specific, give examples. (Note: Also be sure to consider programs/formats that are not being offered by the area's commercial and nonprofit radio stations.)

I would say that it would need to have maybe a talk portion that covered activities and sporting events around campus. Maybe even talks with the coaches, professors, etc. Things that people wouldn't hear anywhere else. I think most local stations only really cover sporting event scores so if they did interviews with the coaches, athletes, etc that might be fun. Then I guess maybe some music from bands that attend LBCC. Maybe a type of variety show that would showcase them a few times. 

3. How would you recommend the students fund this venture? Be specific, give examples. (Hint: You'll need to get creative here, as the college is not likely to take on funding for such a project.)

I would say that they would have to start off by asking for donations and selling advertising spots. They are going to have to figure out how to be self sufficient and not depend on anything but themselves. I don't think it would be an easy thing to start or to keep up and running. Pretty sure they would be doing things with no money for themselves for quite some time if they ever got any. 


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