Week 9: Topic 1

  1. Describe an instance in which you or others may have tried to "protect" someone from music's "corrupting influences," or a time when something you listened to "crossed the line" or raised the eyebrows of others. 
I can't think of a time that others would have "protected" me from music because I have never listened to much of anything except good old country music. I do remember a time or two when my son was younger thinking some of the music he and his friends listened to was questionable. More because of the language than anything else. I guess my background in library has stretched over to music as well as banned books. I feel it is not necessarily my place to tell someone what they are listening to is offensive or not appropriate. I do draw the line when other kids can hear it at school or something and we talk about what is school appropriate and what isn't. 

2. How did you feel about the experience?

As I said I usually don't feel it is my place to tell people what they can or can't listen too. I figure that is a job for their parents. As for it is was my son, I would just tell him that I didn't like that music and he needed to not listen to it. I would usually tell him I didn't approve of the language it used.

3.List your favorite music genre and your top five bands/artists. (I'll get things started here: I'm an '80s rocker who listens to way too much Rush, U2, AC/DC, Molly Hatchet, Billy Idol ... though I have seen Sarah McLachlan in Portland twice, and they were among the best shows I've seen.)

As I said I am a country girl through and through. I'm not even sure that I could name 5 artists that aren't country. :) My favorite country artists are Garth Brooks, George Straight, Chris Ledoux, Alabama, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Little Big Town, pretty much you name it, if they are country I am a fan. 


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