Week 8: Topic 2

  1. What THREE magazines, either in print or online, have you read over the years? Write about your interest in these publications, and what they say about you and your interests? What, in particular, do you like or look for in these magazines? Cite some examples.
The magazine I think about most when I think about magazines that I have read on a regular basis has to be Readers Digest. However, I haven't picked one up in years.  Growing up I would read them cover to cover when we were visiting my grandparents house.  They always had stories in them that caught my attention, it's funny to think about now that I don't read them anymore...  Might be time to pick up a copy. 
Most of the magazines I read now are either gun magazines or wire wrapping magazines. Occasionally I will read a Woman's Day because something on the cover will catch my attention in the check out line at the grocery store. Usually it is something that has to do with weight loss or some new herb that gives you more energy which will lead to weight loss.  However they never seem to work but doesn't stop me from picking it up and bringing it home to read about and possibly try. 

2.Consider the advertising in these publications. What products and services are featured in these magazines? List some of them. Finally, what do these publications say about you as a consumer?

In the gun magazines there are of course guns, ammo, sites, tools, reloading equipment, etc advertised. In the wire wrapping magazines there are beading stores both online and physical, tool lines, wire, etc advertised.  Readers Digest, if I remember correctly, usually had a variety of household goods advertised, maybe medicines. Women's Day usually has books, household items like cleaning supplies, etc advertised. 

I would say that the publications for the most part tell you that I am interested in crafting and guns as a hobby. That I am always looking for the quick fix for weight loss, and that I tend to buy magazines on a whim at the check out line. :)


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