Week 1: Topic 2

The three main sources of my information or news today would be: Facebook, Twitter, and Fox News.  I often watch Fox News in the morning while getting ready for work.  I usually only catch a little bit of it but then I also have their app on my phone and have them on my twitter feed.  I get the "breaking news" on my notifications on my phone and smart watch.  As for world news Fox is my go to place. It may be cliche but as a Republican I have always trusted Fox news more than the other stations.  However, this is probably because they agree with my views more than other stations. 

I see stuff on Facebook but I hardly ever take it as the gospel unless I can find it on a news station somewhere or can investigate it to some degree.  I try very hard to not assume that things I see on social media of any kind is true without further investigation.  I think this is because of my years of teaching my library students to make sure the sources they are using are good and can be sited, sources.  

As for Twitter, most of the tweets I see are from Fox News or educational and technology people that I have met over the years at conferences.  I trust the majority of the people and businesses that I follow. 

I think that we should all take the news we hear with a grain of salt, so to speak, until we have multiple sources that back up the same story.  I find myself much less trusting of the things I see online today than I did even a year ago.  There is too many political twists put to stories that I usually find myself believing parts of the story but maybe not the whole story.  I think that the media has also been fed what it is supposed to, allowed to, say to a certain extent also.  I also don't necessarily think that is wrong, especially when our military is involved.  We don't necessarily need to know what our military is doing if they are in an area that us knowing could put them at risk.  I know that I think twice before sharing something on Facebook or Twitter if it is a news story or about something that has been in the news.  I try to at least find something that I consider legitimate (Fox News, NBC, CBS, even CNN) that agrees or talks about the same news item as I am sharing or forwarding on.  I am sure I will even look deeper after this class. 


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